First trip outdoors of the season!

Kenshin6 | almost 5 years ago.
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  • Headed up to Ogawa-yama in Yamanashi Prefecture a couple of weekends back for some bouldering. It was chilly but dry, and we got some great conditions on the rock.

    Was able to put away "Astronaut" (1-Dan) after a bit of trouble standing up on the start and then again with the mantle. I actually did it twice after using a questionable jug on the lip as I flailed around trying to mantle it for the first time. Thanks to Ishii-san for snagging a video of the 2nd one. Overall a super fun problem that may be a good place to start for people just starting out on the Dan grades outdoors.

    We moved after this to the "Fantasy" boulder where I chickened out on the mantle for Malboro (1-D) but was able to flash "Behemoth" (1-Q), a really fun problem with a great heel hook in the 2nd move.

    It's been raining non-stop for a week and a half here in Japan with no respite in sight. Everyone's antsy to get back out there and start the season off right, so hopefully we'll find some good weather soon.